A New Medical Planner that Can Help You Stay Organized– “Rising Above RA”

Rising Above ra

A New Medical Planner that Can Help You Stay Organized – “Rising Above RA”

By Effie Koliopoulos

If you are living with rheumatoid arthritis, then you already know when traveling somewhere or bringing your belongings with you to work, school or a social outing that it can take some extra preparation to stay organized. The Mighty MedPlanner is literally a life saver when you need something that is sturdy and practical for all your important items.

Here are some great features and benefits of using one.

· Great for patients andcaregivers. If it accommodates and is easily accessible to both users, that is when you know it’s a good product.

· Very easy pull on zipper tab to open and close the case.

· Easy organization. It has elastic bands where your syringe- if you take injections can go. I have never found a case that was hard enough to protect my injections. It can even fit essential oils or other small products in this section.

· Offers a medical ID card you can fill out with important information in case it gets lost or something else happens.

· 7 daily pill pages or in other words an upscale version of a very sturdy easy to open and close zip lock bag, that is constructed in a three ring folder and divider type of lay out- pretty cool.

· Travel friendly. This has to be my favorite feature by far. If you needed to put this in a carry on or suitcase, none of your belongings would get ruined because the sturdy design provides ample protection. It is bound to keep your stuff safe through airport security check-ins too.

So if you are on the market for a product that can fit all your important items in an organized, safe and secure manner then check out The Mighty Well website to be directed to The Mighty Med Planner.

Happy planning!



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