Track Your RA Symptoms with the Free Mobile App MyRA


Crescendo Biosciencethe same company that created the Vectra DA testlaunched the free mobile app in order to enable better tracking of RA, empower people living with the disease, and improve communication between doctors and patients.

The easy-to-use app includes five tracks: big picture, joint pain, morning stiffness, daily functionality, and fatigue. Users can rank the severity and location of their pain; the level of fatigue; the time, severity and location of morning stiffness; and more. The daily functionality feature allows users to add activities and then rank their ability to complete them.

MyRA is more than a daily tracking toolit allows patients and physicians to see the big picture. Users can track their progress and create a visual snapshot of the data. The app is unique in that it shows changes over timepatients and physicians can see how symptoms change on a day-to-day or month-to-month basis.

Crescendo Bioscience worked closely with RA patients and doctors to design MyRA. The tracks in the MyRA app were selected after conducting thorough research with people living with RA. The app will evolve to include more tracks and features in the future.

Individuals living with RA can download the app for free at MyRA can facilitate better communication between doctors and patients. The data can help doctors understand exactly how patients are feelingand enable them to better treat the symptoms of RA.


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