Soaring with RD May is Arthritis Disease Awareness Month. I’ve been fighting with RD (Rheumatoid…


Soaring with RD

May is Arthritis Disease Awareness Month. I’ve been fighting with RD (Rheumatoid Disease) for 14 years. There have been times when it won the round but I continued to punch back. I’ve been on five different biologics with the most recent being Rituxan. This seems to be working well for me. According to my last two Vectra DA tests, my disease activity has been moderate. Moderate works for me since most of my time with RD, was in the high disease category. My swelling is down and the pain is at a three most days. Thus far, this year, my body has been good to me. The Rheumatoid Disease is staying in the background most of the time. I do find the fatigue the most troubling so I make sure to rest when I should and take time for me.

It’s been quite a year thus far and it’s only the beginning of May. I finished my rehab from back surgery, spent a good portion of winter in Florida, received my first Social Security check, and started Silver Sneaker and just last week….I retired. I’ve retired before but this time, there is no next job to go to. My job is to live my life. My third act as I call it.

My schedule is my own and aside from my volunteer work and Silver Sneakers, nothing is written in ink on the calendar. Well there is the exception: we are building a home in Florida. That means going through our current home of 23 years and making great decisions about what to take and what to give away or trash. Lots of memories, smiles and tears.

With all this retired time on my hands, I have been working on a new quilt for the new house. 2500 two inch squares have been cut. The fabrics are from my hoard of materials collected over the years. I’ve made quilts for my family and have quite a stash of colorful textiles. These are the fabrics in my new quilt. It’s like sewing my family together. My sewing machine is a lot like me. It’s 44 years old (okay not as old as me) and it creaks and groans at times. The needle will go quickly some days and others, it’s pretty slow. Sometimes my fingers can’t handle getting the thread into the needle. Other times, my thumbs are too sore to push the pins through the fabric. So, I work for a bit and then stop. I have time, we aren’t moving until January.

I may no longer be working for a living and RD will always be part of me but I’m not going to let it stop me from enjoying my third act! Linda Kaser, Fishers, IN

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May is arthritis awareness month - new challenges with COVID for sure



A nice read - glad to hear RA is not "running" your life! Did you find symptoms to be any better in the heat of florida?

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