Looking for insight on others RA diagnosis. For years I have experienced episodes of Episcleritis. No connection found thru blood work, all tests are normal Although I have been told there know to be related to Arthritis. In the last two months I have developed nodules on my finger joint as well as one of my heels ( at least a year now). Since before Christmas I have so much joint pain which I have never had but in doing internet research all my symptoms lead me to of think of RA I know I am being premature but any info would be helpful Bloodwork next week. My feet are killing me even in my sleep, My hip as well as my handsThis kind of all over stiffness is not normal and everday my body feels as if if just went thru some huge workout

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Sounds like RA to me - have you been formally evaluated by a Rheumatologist? C

Rheumatoid Arthritis