Measuring Disease Activity in Rheumatoid Arthritis is Underperformed

The Updated VectraDA Test Further Refines Measurement of Disease Activity

TheRAConnection recently completed a survey in patients with Rheumatoid to evaluate patient awareness and identify concerns around the management of their condition.

Question: Does your doctor routinely perform a disease activity score (DAS) to track your symptoms and response to treatment?

Interestingly only 55% of respondents stated that their physician routinely performed a DAS during their visits.

A DAS measures ongoing inflammation, symptoms, and/or joint damage. Regular and systematic monitoring of disease activity is critical and is recommended. Information about the level of disease activity allows doctors to monitor response to treatment and to adjust treatment as needed.

There are several different ways to monitor disease activity:

  • Non-specific lab tests: Lab tests that measure two indicators of inflammation – the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and C-reactive protein (CRP) can be used to assess disease activity.
  • DAS28 (Disease Activity Score with 28 joint counts). The DAS28 involves a count of tender and swollen joints, your own assessment of your health, and lab tests to identify inflammation.
  • Vectra DA: An innovative blood test that allows doctors to test for several biological markers (or biomarkers) of rheumatoid arthritis simultaneously. The test is only used for RA and must be ordered by a physician.

What is VectraDA

  • Vectra DA is an advanced blood test for adults with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). It helps you and your doctor better understand your RA disease activity.
  • Vectra DA gives a more complete look at your RA disease activity by measuring 12 markers of RA disease activity. Some other tests, such as C-reactive protein (CRP) and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR or “sed rate”), only measure one marker
  • Vectra DA scores can help track your disease activity over time with an objective measure that complements your doctor’s exam and your own assessment
  • Vectra DA may help identify your risk of future joint damage
  • Medicare fully covers Vectra DA with no copayment* or deductible. Crescendo Bioscience’s goal is to ensure that cost is not a barrier for anyone with RA who wants a Vectra DA test – call 1-877-RHEUMDX (1-877-743-8639) to learn about financial assistance. See page 3 of this document for more information Ask your doctor about ordering Vectra DA for you *Medicare Advantage plans may require a copay.

How Does VectraDA Measure RA Disease Activity?s Vectra11) DA measure my RA disease activity?

  • Vectra DA detects what’s going on below the surface by assessing multiple biological pathways that drive RA disease. Vectra DA provides information about RA that goes beyond physical symptoms
  • Vectra DA measures the levels of 12 markers in your blood, called “biomarkers,” that have been linked to RA inflammation
  • The 12 biomarkers are combined into a single score between 1 and 100 that indicates your current level of RA disease activity
  • Vectra DA now reports a Minimal Important Difference (MID) from one score to the next so you know if the change in your score is significant

The advanced blood test that helps you and your doctor better understand your rheumatoid arthritis (RA) disease activity with a single score

  • The single score generated by Vectra DA classifies RA into low, moderate, and high disease activity – the lower the score, the better

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