My wife has RA. She was diagnosed in 2017. Every since then Ive watched her struggle with it, different meds and pain. Right now she is on Humira. It was twice a month and now just got moved up to every week. Ive been worried about her ever since she was diagnosed. To the point of annoying her with trying to take a disability retirement from her job because I believe its to much on her and causing things to get worse.

She is a postal worker. A carrier, She walks alot carries alot of weight. The RA affects her hands so of course she uses them alot in her job.

I was just curious if anyone has had any experience with this type of work and maybe some insight on if it may be affecting her as much as I think i does? Or any thoughts on the humira being moved up to 4 times a month. Should we be concerned? She's 29 now


Rheumatoid Arthritis