May is Arthritis Awareness Month and for good reason. More than 54 million Americans 18 and older—or about 22% of the population—have been diagnosed with some form of arthritis by a doctor, according to a report published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Arthritis is a family of musculoskeletal disorders consisting of more than 100 different diseases or conditions that damage joints, bones, and cartilage, which in turn hampers or even halts physical movement. Although people age 65 and older are more likely to be diagnosed with arthritis, more than 30 percent of the population ages 44 to 65 has been diagnosed with the disease, and about 7 percent of people ages 18 to 44, according to the CDC report. Many individuals living with arthritis are unaware that it may be caused by a treatable condition or that the disease causing their joint pain may be quietly impacting other parts of their body as well. Our Editors have complied a list of key articles that address joint pain and its complications as we raise awareness this month.


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