Women: Total Health & Wellness Summer 2019


Welcome to the Summer Issue of Women: We hope you enjoy the features and share your thoughts with the community.

For the love of fruits and vegetables -Ripe pays tribute to the beauty of garden-fresh produce, with delicious recipes and gorgeous photography.

Managing a rare cancer -Managing a rare cancer diagnosis presents unique challenges. One survivor shares her tips for navigating the sometimes-murky waters. By CH Weaver MD

Understanding Joint Replacement - Is a new joint the answer to your pain? By Laurie Wertich MD

Promises and Cautions from Cancer Immunotherapy Recruiting the immune system to fight cancer brings new hope—and new side effects. An Interview with Dr. Asani of Beth Israel Hospital in Boston

Nutrition and Exercise

Mind Your Portions Please! - Focus on portion size to help achieve and maintain your weight loss. By Paulette Lambert, RD, CDE

Walk this way - Walking is one of the most basic changes you can make to effectively improve your heart health.
By The American Heart Association

Eating to Reduce Pain - Patients find relief from rheumatoid arthritis symptoms with dietary changes. By Heather Stringer

Every Woman’s Health

11 things you might not know about HPV - What are the real facts about HPV and oral cancer that you need to know?

What Every Woman Should Know About Lung Cancer - Precision cancer medicine and genomics is changing how lung cancer is treated By Joan Schiller, MD and CH Weaver, MD